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Get Better Sleep

If you are having trouble sleeping or would like to achieve deeper more fulfilling sleep – to awaken refreshed and rejuvinated. We have developed two powerful relaxation and deep sleep Audio Soundscape Albums – featuring Delta Wave Isochronic tones & Binaural beats & Healing Solfeggio frequencies to help you fall into deep relaxing, healing sleep.

Enjoy Deeper Meditation

If you are a beginning or a seasoned meditator you will find our powerful Audio Soundscapes designed for deep meditation and relaxation using Theta and Alpha Inducing Brain Entrainment technologies – Isochronic Tones & Binaural Beats along with 528HZ & 936HZ Healing Solfeggio Frequencies. Live stereo ambient nature tracks and digital syhthesizers combined to create a very powerful way to super charge your meditation.

Relax & Control Stress

Finding relaxation and ways to reduce stress can be very diffucult in todays busy and noisy world. Our Soothing relaxation meditations include stereo nature tracks recorded here on the Northern California Humboldt Coast – along with rich synthesizers and digital effects and music loops – with subtle binaural beats, Stereo Ambient Nature Tracks from California’s Lost Coast & Redwood forests – Rich base synthesized tones and music – Solfeggio Frequencies Binaural beats & Isochronic Tones- your stress will melt away and your will find deep meaningful relaxation.

Experience Deep Healing

Audio sound healing and high frequency healing tones have been used since ancient times and have been proven to be a powerful healing modality.We have designed special deep healing Audio Soundscape Mediations – Isochronic Alpha and Solfeggio 528hz Healing Meditations – use Alpha Pulse Isochronic tones & Binaural Beats to encourage the mind into the Alpha state while using 528HZ Healing Solfeggio frequencies to send healing instructions to the body and DNA.

Activate and Heal your Pineal Gland

Using the power o the 936hz Solfeggio Frequency it has been shown to activate and heal your Pineal Gland “The third eye” – for inner awakening , mystical perception and reaching higher states of consciousness by activating and repairing the Pineal gland – Improve Sleep and Lucid dreaming – Create sharper intuitive insight – Increase Psychic awareness – Develop astral travel/projection – “remote viewing” abilities.

What are people saying about Us?

I have tried just about all of the brain wave technology products out there. I have to say, that after 30 years of meditation practice none of them had any noticeable effect on me. That is, until I listened to the work of Clear Mind Sounds. I could actually feel it from the moment it started.
These guys have blended three different technologies in a way that is super effective. And they got just the right balance of music, nature sounds and the brain wave technology. I have every recording they have created now and I listen to them daily.
I am a big fan of anything that assists me and my students in deepening our practice of inner work . This technology is as beautiful as it is effective and it should be on everyone’s iPod.
Believe me, if it works on me it will work on anyone!

~GP Walsh Author of “Original Innocence,” “Just Allow It”, “The Oneness Principle”
Host of “Law of Attraction 2.0 – Spiritual Straight Talk” on the Law of Attraction Radio Network

I have been using Clear Mind Sounds 936 HZ Meditations for about a month while on my long commute to my office. If I wake up in the middle of the night, I listen to the sounds as I fall back asleep. Because the 936 HZ Sound Frequency is for activation of the third eye, or Pineal Gland, I have found is that my intuitiveness has expanded to new heights. I have literally surprised myself by the insights that have been delivered to me. I am better able to make sound decisions because my inner voice is clear and concise. The fact that these sounds are of serene nature makes the listening experience so refreshing. It’s unlike the solid tones that other entrainment programs that actually disconnects me from the core essence of life. I can become one with the planet through Clear Mind Sounds Music and it feels so good. I highly recommend every one of these musical, magical and cleansing albums. Each one is worth it’s weight in gold.

~Jewels Johnson, CEO Law of Attraction Radio Network

I have been a therapist for 25 years and am always looking for products that my clients can utilize to shift and change their lives. Clear Mind Sounds uses technology that penetrates the subconscious and begins creating permanent change. These entrainment programs are deep and relaxing sound recordings that help put the listener into a deep state of meditation which assists in expanding and changing your consciousness. Clear Mind Sounds produces products in a spirit of excellence, merging brain wave technology with the sounds of nature to help you in your meditation. I believe this is a tool that will transform your life if used on a consistent basis. As an international coach and radio talk show host, I feel very proud to endorse and recommend Clear Mind Sounds to produce life-changing results in your life.

~Constance Arnold – Author and Radio Talk Show Host

Working with Clear Mind Sounds is a pleasure, they have great ideas, works hard, are great communicators and have made a profound impact in my business. Clear Mind Sounds are true experts and their expertise is vast, spanning technology, music and meditation. The quality of their work is fantastic, I enthusiastically recommend Clear Mind Sounds and working with them or using their products will be one of the smartest investments you can make!

~Jaden Sterling, International Best Selling Author of The Alchemy of True Success

When it comes to creating powerful and innovative products, you need to find the right people to partner and work with! And this is what I found with Clear Mind Sounds. It has been an absolute pleasure to work, to create, to share ideas and at the end to deliver world-class, life-changing products. The professionalism, the skills, the positive “We can do it” attitude, the talents combined with an amazing expertise in apps and audio soundscapes.
I am highly recommending Clear Mind Sounds products for anybody interested in taking a leap in their lives and enhance their well-being and their ability to create an amazing life. I also highly recommend them for anybody interested in creating ground-breaking innovative products.

~ Bertrand Dory, Best-Selling author of “Conversations for your Soul”, Personal Transformation Expert and Host on the LOA Radio Network